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Amidst a Pandemic Urbanites are Embracing Ranch Life

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

“I don’t do change…” it was a saying commonly heard when people were presented with major life changes. However, with COVID-19 change has been thrust on us all so we have started actually seeking out the changes we want, instead of allowing the circumstances to force us into ones we don’t want. One big change in particular is the desire to get out of the hustling city and into an area with more breathing room, and ranch life provides just that!

Now more than ever folks are looking to the rural countryside, for more open spaces, ranch land, country retreats. These areas that many only just dreamed of one day retiring to, have become a place to now call home.

What are the benefits of making a move:


Take a deep breath and open your arms wide and you still feel as if you could be lost in all the beauty that surrounds you. There's room to think and a peacefulness that many of us could use right now. Watching as the sun sets in the distance or the horses run nearly wild through the fields, it's a recharge on a life worth living.


Sure there are still things to get done, but in the country the rush to get them done just doesn't seem as stressful. Those daily routines rarely include a 6am meeting, rush hour traffic, short lunch breaks and long commutes home. Often times they include a morning routine working outside with a nice country drive, or some time with family. Depending on the size of the ranch you could be just enjoying the land or enjoying working the land, either way most ranch life lovers have a sense of calm like no other.


Never feel as if your neighbor is too interested in your business, unless you want them to be. Live the way you want to live, enjoy the freedoms our country affords us and invite your guests to do the same.

Texas has some of the most beautiful ranch land in the world, if you just know where to look. Finding the right land and ranch representative is key.

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